Posted on February 23, 2017

2017 February – Architect Commissioned

The Ashram construction team is very proud to announce that Binda Somaya from Somaya & Kalappa Cons. Pvt. Ltd. will be the architect for our sacred Ashram project.  Ms. Somaya was the interior architect on the first phase of the construction and has agreed to finish the project.  We are blessed to have commissioned her again.

The Ashram Construction Team also re-established relationships with Mr. Ajay Mishra (General Contractor) and Mr. Jain (Engineer), and is actively engaged in the search for an experienced international project manager.

At the table from left to right – Muktananda, Brinda Somaya (Architect), Paul Greg

Dinner at Ajay’s home – at table from left to right – David O’Grady, Brinda Somaya (Architect), Muktananda, Ajay Mishra (General Contractor), Yoshiko Yamaguchi, Paul Gregg, and Krishna Das

On the roof of the Ashram – From Left to Right – Muktananda, Ajay Mishra (General Contractor), and Paul Gregg

From Left to Right: Muktananda, Paul Gregg, Mr. Jain (Engineer), and Ajay Mishra (General Contractor)


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