Posted on August 17, 2017

August 2017 – Construction Update

In July 2017, the building contract for the Sathya Sai Maa Moksha Dham was finalized and signed.  The completion of the Ashram has officially commenced and is scheduled to be unveiled at its inauguration in January 2019!

Front row: Lead builder Ajay Mishra with Muktananda and signed contract. Back row: David O’Grady, Abhinav Pandey, Krishna Das Brahmacharini.

The first on-site meeting of the management team was held on July 19th.  Our dedicated builder, Ajay Mishra, met with the team members representing the diverse skills required for a project such as the Ashram, including structural engineers, electricians, tilers, and plumbers.  Each received an overview and timeline of the project so that they have the information needed to begin their contribution to the project.

Builder Ajay Mishra with Ashram building team

Prior to the meeting, discussions were held to reach consensus between the architects, builders, Sai Maa’s representatives, and Sai Maa Vishnu Shakti Trust trustees, who have extensive building experience in Varanasi.

The first tasks involve some remedial work to the existing structure. Once this is complete the remaining exterior construction and the interior work will commence.  As the 1st phase of construction was completed 5 years ago, some strengthening of the structure is required.

Certain areas are being given specific attention:

Ashram structure

The yagya fire pit – this area will be strengthened to ensure the intense heat of the many yagyas performed over the years did not affect the structural integrity. Even though no damage is evident, this work will also serve to strengthen the yagya fire pit for the future.

Upgrade to Level 3 earthquake reinforcement – the Varanasi area was reclassified from a Level 2 earthquake zone to a Level 3 reinforcement requirement following the devastating earthquakes in Nepal in 2015. The structure will be upgraded to comply with the new rating.

Ashram building team

The devotion, generosity, dedication, and love of the global community for Sai Maa, and Sai Maa’s work, have made this possible. Won’t you join us in bringing Sai Maa’s vision of a home in Varanasi into reality?

Builder Ajay Mishra signing contract
Muktananda signing contract
Ashram building team
Ashram building team


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